Our clients approached us having bought a small and rundown sandstone farmhouse in Thurstaston, Wirral with the idea to greatly enlarge it and turn it in to a family home.

The property is located within the Wirral greenbelt, therefore careful design consideration and indepth study of greenbelt policy was carried out to ensure a successful planning outcome. Early design sessions with the client focused around adding significant volume to the property, yet retaining the original character of the farmhouse. The resulting proposals gave a solution which ensured a seamless link between the extensions and the original property, appearing as though the substantial finished farmhouse had stood as completed from its initial construction in the 1800’s.

The proposal received no objections during the planning process, and made it through on its first attempt.

The completed property has since been re valued and the redevelopment has added significant value to the property.

Bromilow Architects managed the Planning Process on behalf of the Client, who then project managed and constructed the proposals themselves. We were available throughout the construction period if required, and from time to time offered advice and answered site queries as they arose.