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Work started on site a couple of weeks ago and is progressing well on site at Allport Dental Practice after the building contract was awarded to Foundations and Structural Repairs Ltd from Birkenhead.

All the foundations are in and the walls up to floor level have been constructed at this early stage despite the heavy downpours making things difficult. The remainder of the shell will be completed before we breakthrough to the rest of the building, leaving the surgery to operate as normally for as long as possible.

Bromilow Architects involvment on site is to inspect the works at relevant periods to make sure it is being consuructed as the drawings intended. We are also the first point of contact for the builder rather than the client. This means that the dental practice carries on as normal and continues its day to day operations without interuptions over queries.

The next site visit will also involve valueing the works to date and certifying the amount that the client is to pay the builder. This helps to ensure that the builder is only paid for the work that they have done to date.

We will continue with our visits and keep the blog updated with progress photos as it continues.

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