Today, Bromilow Architects made their screen début, indirectly at least.

Like many of our projects, we helped our clients transform a property in to a fabulous family home and when Britain’s Empty Homes came calling for examples, we did not hesitate to put this forward. 

It is great to see the delight on their faces when talking about the home that they now live in and it feels great to have been a part of it. Bobby said he tried to give us a plug, but this being on the BBC, our name has been cut out, but fair play to Bobby, he does give us some credit for what we helped them to achieve.

[quote ]We’ve got to take our hats off to the Architect, because the architect is the guy who got what we wanted[/quote]

The successful design and subsequent planning application was the key element in helping Bobby and Bernie in achieving this project. We hope they spend many more happy years in the house, or if not, at least find another property and let us help you again.

The programme will be available on the iPlayer for a short time and Bobby and Bernie start at 7 mins 50 into the programme.

Britain’s Empty Homes on iPlayer

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