Project Starter Pack

Where to start with a new project

Our Project Starter document is aimed at homeowners. It is a collation of information gathered from initial thoughts, ideas and designs which are backed up with specific key information, outline costs and next steps.

Have you seen a property you think may have potential?

Have you just moved into a property and you don’t know where to start, to make it into your dream home?

We will help form your thoughts into ideas on paper, with some costs associated with these ideas.

Using the estate agents floorplans as a basis, we will sit down with you during a design session and chat about various possibilities and solutions. We will work through drawings and designs with you during our design session using our sketch design software.

Following our design session, we will then produce some clearly drawn floorplans, a costing document and suggest what the next stages are to move your project forwards. We will also give you an idea of any Planning implications associated with your proposals. This information will be presented in a document which we will email to you within a few days of our design session.

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