“How much will it cost?”, 

“What is our budget?”, 

“Can we afford this?”

These are all critical questions when embarking on a project to extend, alter, refurbish or renovate a property.

More often than not, the true cost of a project isn’t established until after the prices are back from the builders at tender stage – that is, if you’ve used an architect to produce detailed drawings and specifications. If you’ve gone straight to a builder to bypass architects fees, you may not know the true cost of your project until the end of the building stage, by which point you may have incurred huge increases in costs due to lack of detailed information at the start, or a builder who gave a low estimate at the start to secure the work.

At the very beginning of a project, as a homeowner, you may have a definitive budget available to spend, or you may be seeking finance based on the final design of your dream project. Either way, you need to know costs before you’re too far down the line accruing architects fees or definitely before you start on site!

other Costs to consider

As well as the actual build costs, you need to consider items such as your kitchen units and appliances, bathroom fittings, tiles, decorations, any specialist joinery items, windows, doors…the list goes on. At the pre-site stages, you’ll need to allow for architect and structural engineers fees, statutory fees for Planning Permission and Building Regulations applications as well as Bat, Birds, Tree and Ecological reports that Planning Departments are requesting for most applications now. Then there is the dreaded VAT!
There’s an awful lot to keep track of, it is a common headache for architects and can make or break a project for homeowners.

Here at Bromilow Architects, we have recently invested in a powerful, live indexed pricing package which allows us to input our project information at a very early stage in the project and continuously update the costs as the project evolves. 

We are able to provide detailed cost plans, comparisons, breakdowns and schedules.
Get in touch to find out how we can help you and us keep track of costs as well as design your dream project!

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