The new build house designed for our client in Frankby is nearing completion.

Externally, the building is vitually finished and we are just awaing the aluminium cills to go with the Velfac windows that are looking great.

The glass balcony using a system from Q-Railing has been installed.

Internally the bathrooms have been finished save for a few minor items.

The majority of the staircase has been installed and you can imagine from the photo what a task it has been. One of the sides of the staircase is curved. The drawings of the design and the maths involved in working out the width and angle of each tread and riser was hard enough.  The curve of the stringer changes radius as it reaches the floor amaking every tread unique, so making it must have been a real challenge, but R&M Joinery have produced a staircase of great quality and you can already tell that when it is finally finished, it will look great and be a real statement in the hall.

The eco-technologies that have been installed are up and running. The PV solar panels on the roof are producing electricity and earning the client an income. The solar hot water panels are heating up the water to reduce the reliance on the main boiler and the rainwater harvesting tank is full from all the rain we have had and is being used to flush the wc’s in the house. Coupled with the excellent insulation values these technologies are all contributing to minimising the energy usage and hence running  costs of the home for our client.

In the next couple of weeks the garage and external works will be finished and the internal aspects finalised.

Below are some photographs of the scheme at present.


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