New build house Frankby

New build home in Wirral nearly complete

  The new build house designed for our client in Frankby is nearing completion. Externally, the building is…

New Build House – Frankby, Wirral

With the good weather continuing, this new build house being Constructed in Wirral continues at a good pace….

New Build House – Progress report

Since the last up date nearly two weeks ago things have progressed quite well and the place is…

New Build House – Progress report

Work on site has progressed well since the cold weather has left us behind. The trench blockwork has…

New build house – Slow progress due to weather

Following the pouring of the concrete foundations for this new build house at the end of November. The…

New build house – Concrete for Foundations

Saturday saw the arrival of the concrete for the strip footings for the new house for our client….

New build house in the greenbelt starts on site

Today was the first site visit to the new build house being erected for our client in Wirral….

Planning permission for a House in the Greenbelt

Bromilow Architects Ltd have just received planning permission for this replacement dwelling in the greenbelt. The proposed scheme…