Work on site has progressed well since the cold weather has left us behind. The trench blockwork has been completed and the excavations have been backfilled with hardcore. The foul drainage pipework has also been installed as well.

Site visits have also been made by the approved inspector (Meridian Consult) who have approved all the work to date.

Friday also saw a site visit arranged with the supplier of the Rainwater Harvesting system. A 3750l tank has been specified by us in collaboration with Combined Harvesters Ltd, the site visit was to finalise this specification, decide a location and give a brief overview to the main contractor of its workings. The rainwater is going to be collected from the roof only and fed in to the large tank which will be buried at the rear of the property. A pumping unit is to be installed in the garage which will provide water to outside taps and also to the main house. Inside the house this recycled water will be used to flush toilets and fill washing machines and will greatly reduce the water usage in the property and therefore reduce the utility bills for the house.

Work will continue this week with the wall being brought up to DPC level and the concrete slabs being poured for the floors.

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