The new build house that we designed in Frankby, Wirral has now been completed with just the final snagging items to be finished. Our clients moved in a short time ago and are absolutely thrilled with the finished project.

Attached a couple of snaps of the project taken earlier this week.

We have managed the project for the client from start to finish and it is always great with a project to be able to see it through to completion and have it turn out just how it was envisaged.

The project is also somewhat of a ‘green’ building, with the intention of reducing the running costs of the building as it is lived in by the family. It features Solar Panels (PV’s) to produce electricity and the client has already linked up and is exporting electricity to the grid and receiving the Feed in Tariffs from the government scheme.

There are also Thermal Solar Panels on the roof to take advantage of the sun to provide hot water to the property and reduce the workload on any boiler needed for this and therefore again reduce running costs.

The whole house is heated by underfloor heating which is manage by LCD displays installed in each room with a central control unit in the utility room. With UFH only requiring water at 40-50 degrees rather than radiators at about 80 degrees is considered more economical to run that traditional heating. All these technologies combined with a very well insulated property with high specification windows,  should make the property  cheaper to heat. The property achieved a high B rating on its energy assessment so it will be interesting to monitor it over it’s first winter to see what the bills actually are.

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Tim Hulse
29/08/2013 9:13 pm

Looks good Stephen. I’m a Certified Passivhaus Builder looking for one to build at the moment!



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